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WFH? This is what we're wearing...

WFH? This is what we're wearing...


Hello, lady of leisure! It's been a while since we last spoke... 

We wanted to share a post that would speak to all you boss babes and ladies who lunch during these challenging times! We realized that it would be completely ridiculous to pretend that we're sitting here, working from home, done-up and dressed to the nines in our favourite Viertola Studios piece. Just like you, we are taking great joy in one of the few creature comforts available to us at this time... living in luxurious loungewear. 

So if you feel like a little retail therapy that is a bit more practical but still chic, here's what we're wearing these days...

#1 Channeling Stanley Kubrick's 'Eyes Wide Shut'

nicole Kidman, Eyes wide shut

Remember Nicole Kidman in this scene from 'Eyes Wide Shut?' Of course you do! It's pretty hard to forget.... and if you're reading this right now and have no idea what we're talking about, lucky you! We just solved the problem of what movie you'll be watching next. Anyyyywayyy... in this iconic and sexy scene, Nicole Kidman donned a Hanro camisole. This timeless v-neck camisole has remained a wardrobe staples ever since and has been seen on countless models and celebrities. The seamless, soft and delicate cotton feels like a dream on your skin and is finished with satin straps, making it a practical but luxurious must-have for social distancing. Still not sold? Just watch the movie. 

#2 Villanelle Vibes

killing eve olivia von halle

Once again, not only are we solving your wardrobe woes here but also potentially adding yet another show to your "what to watch next" list! If you weren't already a Olivia Von Halle fan, you will be after you watch Killing Eve. The impossibly stylish assassin (Villanelle) wears nothing but the best, even when she's off duty. In this particular episode, she's sporting a Olivia Von Halle tiger-print silk robe. Nothing screams luxury like a pair of these PJs... plus, when this social distancing business is over, what's to stop you from putting on a pair of heels with this look? 

#3 Cozy in Cashmere


Sorry, we don't have a movie or TV reco. for this one... but nothing says cozy like cashmere! Although the weather is improving, we still have those crisp mornings and cool evenings. There's great joy to be found in wrapping yourself in cashmere while sipping on your morning coffee. We love our pieces from Skin in particular... 

That's it for now, babe! 

Stay well, 


The Viertola Studios Team

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